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A little bit about me.

My name is Thomas, and I will soon be teaching History in one of the many schools in the East of England. I will undergo my training with Teach First, the UK’s largest graduate recruiter.

My choice to undergo this journey with Teach First is not merely because of its status but of its ethos. Teach First’s aim to champion a world where the quality of a child’s education is not determined by their socio-economic status. They aim to close the attainment gap which is ever more apparent when looking at this societal injustice that all too often negatively impacts a young person’s life choices.

My life as a young person meant that I had first-hand experience of the care system and the impact of Free School Meals on the social and emotional development of a child. Though both of these concepts support young people and their families, if administered incorrectly, or without empathy, they can considerably hinder the young person’s emotional and intellectual growth.

My aim for this blog is to keep a log of my training, my ideas, and my development. I wish to use this blog to gain external insight, promote community engagement, and develop my skills. All with the intention of delivering my promise; to ensure that every child I work with, regardless of their economic environment, has the opportunity to utilise the most basic concept of our existence; the ability to choose how they wish to live their life.

Please, join me on this journey. Tell me your thoughts, worries, and wonders.

2 comments on “A little bit about me.

  1. What a wonderful promise 🙂

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  2. You go Tom!
    All the best for the future, you will inspire many while truly enjoying your calling hopefully.
    Well done!

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